Rising Tide Charters offers you private charters for up to 6 passengers aboard a 34’, high speed landing craft.  May 1st to October 1st we operate out of Anacortes, WA – The gateway to the San Juan Islands.  You choose where you want to go. You choose the adventure you wish to go on. You choose the date.  You choose the time.  Whale Watching, Beach Combing, Island Hopping – the choice is yours.

Please note that these adventures below are only sample adventures. 

Sight Seeing

The San Juan Islands and Saratoga Passage offer a bounty of Mountain and Island views. See the Monte Cristo Mountain Range, the Olympic Mountain Range and the Cascade Mountain Range. Cruise through the famous Deception Pass. Visit the San Juan Islands National Monument. See all the wonder the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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Crabbing and Shrimping

Ever wondered how crab and shrimp are caught? Love to go crabbing and shrimping but don’t have your own boat? Here’s your chance. Drop pots on the way to your destination or first thing on your cruise. Let the pots soak and return to harvest your bounty on the return portion of your trip.

All pot-fishing gear is provided for you. We highly recommend that you bring rain jackets & rain pants, boots and gloves. The option to crab or shrimp is dependent on the season. 1 license and gear are provided (1 license = 1 set of gear in the water). To get additional licenses, visit your local sporting goods store or Ace Hardware.

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Bottom Fishing

Go bottom fish in the San Juan Islands.    The Island’s ecosystem supports Ling Cod, True Cod, Rockfish, Halibut, Sole, Flounder, Black Bass and Snapper.  Poles, lines and lures are provided to you.  Like all fishing – some days are hot, some days are not.

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Whale Watching

Would you love to go whale watching, but don’t have all day to do so?  Would you love to go whale watching, but don’t want to be around all the people?  Here’s your chance.  At Rising Tide Charters you can usually go on a whale watch tour 2 to 3 hours – just half the time of the other guys.  Your boat cruises at 34 knots and is only chartered to you.

The San Juan Islands and Saratoga Passage are swimming with whales.  These areas are home to Harbor Porpoise, Dall’s Porpoise, Minke Whales, Grey Whales, Humpback Whales and Killer/Orca Whales.  Each day is different due to the seasons and the seasons of the food supply.  Which whale will you see?

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Light House Tours

There are 6 historic light houses in the San Juan Islands (Smith, Burrows, Stuart, Cattle Point,  Lime Kiln & Patos).  You can see all 6 in 1 day, go to your favorite light house or spend a few days camping on the islands and touring the light houses at your own pace.  Visit 1 Light House or visit them all.  Lighthouse Passport Stamps and guided tours from the Light House Society are available with advanced notice.

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Wildlife Search

The San Juan Islands and Saratoga Passage are alive with wildlife.  The San Juan Islands are home to seals, California Sea Lions, Stellar Sea Lions, deer, Bald Eagles, a myriad of sea birds and the largest octopus in the world.  If there is an animal that you have been eager to see we will do our best to find it for you.  Different seasons and different weather offer different wildlife viewing opportunities.  Bring your camera and see what all you can find!

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Memorials at Sea

Scatter your loved one’s ashes at sea in the Puget Sound.

Rising Tide Charters has helped many families through the years find the right vessel for their burial at sea.

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Clam Digging & Oysters

Go to a remote beach and dig for clams and rock oysters.  Clamming and Oyster Picking are dependent on the seasons.  Shovels & buckets will be provided.  We highly recommend that you bring rubber boots or hip-waders and a pair of gloves.

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Bicycle, Paddle Board, Kayak, etc…

Is there an area in the San Juan Islands that you have been waiting to peddle or paddle, but you hate fighting the Ferries?  Is there a cove you want to use your Paddle Board in, but there is no dock where you want to go and you can’t figure out how to get there?

Rising Tide Charters offers you a boat that has an 11.5’long deck to haul your gear and a hydraulic bow ramp to put you straight on the beach.  You can get dropped off and we will wait for you while you paddle or peddle around.  You can get dropped off for the weekend and we will be back to pick you up at a date and time of your request.

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Wildlife.  Scenery.  Vistas.  Light.  Composition.  Color.  The San Juan Island are the perfect subject for your photos.  Bring your cameras, tripods and sense of adventure.  With your vessel’s large, flat deck setting up your tripod and moving it around is a breeze.  The landing craft / drop ramp style vessel allows you to go where others can’t.  Make your photos one of a kind and leave the others behind.

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The San Juan Islands are loaded with remote beaches, State parks and National Parks.  Let everyone else go to the campgrounds that are accessible by ferry or a small dock.  Rising Tide Charters can take you to those areas that are only accessible by beach landings.  With our drop down bow ramp, you will be able to stay dry and keep your gear dry while walking right on to the beach.  You can venture where very few people are able to go.  No dock necessary!

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Real Estate

Are you looking to purchase property in the San Juan Islands or do you have a remote cabin you want to visit?  Many times in the Islands, properties are not accessible by Ferry or the Ferry schedule does not meet your time schedule.  Rising Tide Charters can take you to your property or perspective property.   Choose the date and time, we will take you there.

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Choose Your Own

Charter the boat for a specific amount of time and choose how you would like to spend it.  Bring your spouse, bring your family or bring your buddies.  Either way, the boat is yours for the time you choose.  Just tell the Captain what you want to do for the day and your Captain will do their best to make your day a success.  The M/V Voyager is all yours with just a 1 hour minimum.

After all – we sell fun, not ho-hum!

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